• Weight Loss

    • Maintaining a healthy weight can not only make you feel better and improve your quality of life but it also can decrease the likelihood of developing many diseases such as: high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and many cancers.

      Regarding weight loss, Classical Acupuncture as well as auricular (ear) styles can provide a way for the body to release stress and stored tension, manage cravings, and suppress appetite.  Chronic stress can contribute to abnormal hormonal fluctuations, which can ultimately contribute to a pattern of weight gain and fluid accumulataion. Abnormal appetites or craving certain food groups indicate deeper imbalances that need to be addressed with nutritional therapy, herbal pharmacy, and exercise. Our unique 8-week weight loss program combines these methods with acupuncture for maximum effect.

      Fatigue and a lack of motivation are often times obstacles to be overcome during the weight loss process and your acupuncturist can help to correct these imbalances as well as any additional obstacles blocking you from reaching your ideal weight. 

      To begin our 8-week weight loss program or to setup a complimentary consultation with the physician, please schedule a time to book now.