• Stress & Anxiety Relief

    • Allow Us to Help You De-Stress
    • Studies show that stress in small doses can be a beneficial component in our everyday lives but in large doses stress damages our health. Additionally, stress contributes to conditions such as:

      • Depression
      • Anxiety
      • OCD
      • PTSD
      • Insomnia
      • Digestive disturbances

      The damaging effects of stress also contribute to complications such as: headache, high-blood pressure, premature aging, heart problems, arthritis, and numerous other serious conditions. 

      So whats the good news? The good news is that your acupuncturist can help you to feel better as well as guiding you towards developing a down-to-earth way of managing these conditions.

      During a course of acupuncture therapy our bodies generate feel-good chemicals called endorphins which are released into our blood stream, helping to boost mood, alter awareness, and help to effectively combat negative emotional states. Treatments are prescribed in such a manner as to provide the maximum benefit to the patient and may be combined with herbal therapy to consolidate the effects.

      For additional information about the acupuncture process, such as what to expect from the treatments and how long the process may take please refer to: Acupuncture FAQ