• Pain Disorders

    • Are your struggling with pain?

    • Acupuncture is widely revered for its ability to manage pain in a safe, natural, and effective way. In contrast to many strategies that simply “mask” the underlying cause of pain, acupuncturists take a holistic approach to pain control and seek to discover the root cause of the problem.

      Common pain conditions that an acupuncturist can help with include:

      • Muscle pain, swelling, stiffness and weakness
      • Localized traumatic injuries, sprains, strains, tendonitis, contractures
      • Arthritis
      • Fibromyalgia
      • Work and sports related injuries
      • Low back pain
      • Osteoarthritis
      • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)
      • “Frozen shoulder”, “tennis elbow”
      • Sciatica

      For additional information about the acupuncture process, such as what to expect from the treatments and how long the process may take please refer to: Acupuncture FAQ