• Herbal Injection Therapy

    • Why Herbal Injections?


      Herbal Medicines have been studied extensively and are used to treat a wide variety of health issues. Taking the effectiveness of herbs a step further, injectable herbs offer many advantages to traditionally prepared medicines. Typically herbs are administered through an oral route in the form of a tea or pill, and because of the slow absorption through the body this can prolong the effect.

      Faster And More Precise


      Depending on your unique condition, herbal injectables may be prescribed. Pain disorders respond especially well to local injections as they can be precisely placed near local areas of tenderness and inflammation offering immediate relief. All of the herbs used by The Brevard Center for Integrative Medicine are pharmaceutical grade herbal preparations tested for quality and safety.

      We offer injections to:

      • Reduce pain and inflammation
      • strengthen the immune system or decrease duration of illness
      • Slow release b-12 shots for energy maintenance

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