• Cupping Therapy Brevard County

    • Cupping Brevard CountyCupping is a safe, and comfortable massage technique that is used to release tight and swollen areas on the body surface to help aid in healing and recovery. Like acupuncture and herbal medicines, this traditional healing technique has been used by doctors to assist in accelerating the healing process.

      Cupping and its many forms have been used to Millenia, with traces back to Ancient Greece and Chinese Civilization. Cupping has stood the test of time and can be seen in our present day used by Olympic Athletes who require every advantage for competitive sports. Michael Phelps, who currently holds 25 gold medals in Olympic Swimming, swears by cupping. Cupping Brevard County

      The dark marks created by cupping indicate an area of stagnation or compression, and although temporary, the darker the circle the more “negative pressure” and blood pulled into the area. Physicians are able to specifically target these obstructed areas and create enhanced blood flow to the area to bring in required nutrients for tissue repair. 

      Some variations of cupping involve the use of fire, in which a flame is placed beneath a sterilized cup to create a vacuum effect, allowing pressure to build between the skin and the cup. Pressurized cupping is a similar procedure in which a cup with a adjustable valve is placed on the skins surface and an exact amount of air is provided for a precise comfort and therapeutic level. Sliding Cupping is a technique in which a small amount of lubricant is applied to the skin with the cups being gently moved over the injured area in order to promote maximum circulation, stimulation, and healing.

      Cupping is helpful in conditions such as:

      • Neck, shoulder, and back injuries
      • “Weak” or tight lower back
      • Slow healing or stubborn musculoskeletal issues
      • Connective Tissue or “Fascia” Injuries
      • Knots and tight spots on the back that resist traditional treatment approaches
      • Cracking or noisy muscle impingement

      Cupping can be used in combination with other techniques to enhance or compliment healing. To setup a consultation to learn more about cupping please schedule a time to book now.