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    • Is your tongue showing signs of deficiency?

      We've all been there, "Say Ahh" as the doctor sticks the tongue depressor down your throat and peers into your mouth with a flashlight. Although jarring, this is a great way to check the health of the oral cavity. What about the tongue though? This is usually brushed aside as a mere nuisance during the examination. However, as far back as the 4th Century BCE, Doctors of Chinese Medicine have been inspecting the tongue as a way to peer deeper into the inner dynamics of the body. Inspection of the[...]

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      The Basics of Qigong

      The practice of qigong spans centuries, originating in Ancient China as a gentle form of exercise and meditation. Some sources state the qigong was developed out of necessity by meditating monks. Traditionally monks would meditate with their legs crossed in a stationary position for hours at a time. Of course, this was excellent training for their minds, but sitting all day offered little support for their physical body's. Qigong was therefore said to have been developed out of this necessity [...]

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      Magnesium our Bodies Essential Mineral

      Magnesium is an essential element in both plant and animal life. In plants chlorophyll is needed for photosynthesis which allow plants to absorb energy from light. Without magnesium plants would not have their green color nor be able to absorb light and life as we know it would seize to exist. In humans also, magnesium is fundamental in producing ATP, the energy source for our cells and metabolism. Magnesium is at the center of life, and orchestrates at least 300 different functions within [...]

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      Hawthorn Berry - Heart Healthy Tea

      Hawthorn Berries have a long history of medicinal use across the globe. These bright red berries have been made into brandy for use as a cardiotonic, as a remedy to sooth sore throats, and in the Far East to aid digestion, particularly of fats and meats. Recently, Hawthorne berry extracts have been used to reduce plasma levels of cholesterol and to lower blood pressure. Studies performed in Asia suggest that Hawthorn Berries help the heart by decreasing oxygen consumption in cardiac muscle, [...]

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      Catastrophic Thinking

      We've all been there - you're walking along minding your own business and a piece of furniture jumps out in front of you. You let out a yelp in frustration as you realize you just stubbed your toe on that awkwardly positioned coffee table. On closer examination you notice that although you banged your toe up pretty good, it's not bleeding and it will most likely heal in its own time. Finally, with the pain subsiding over the next few minutes you forget that excruciating mishap and go about [...]

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